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Interested in becoming a sponsor? 

Hamilton High School DECA has been an active part of the local community for decades.  Students involved in DECA learn and utilize real world marketing and business concepts to help them find their passion and increase their future employability.  Hamilton DECA members focus on community service, professional growth, leadership, and employability.  In addition, members have the opportunity to compete at the local, state and international level by responding to realistic business and marketing situations using their knowledge and creativity and present to a real business professional. 


In Hamilton DECA, we value the importance of building relationships with business partners. With the help of these partners, we are able to build thousands of emerging student leaders. The partnerships we have are beneficial and allow Hamilton DECA and local businesses to reach new goals and accomplishments. We aspire to build strong relationships with our business partners. 


To help our students on their professional journeys, we rely on the support of our local sponsors.   We use our sponsor donations to help fund student competition and conference fees, as these expenses can be close to $1,000 each year per student.  Our goal is to give every student the option to participate, regardless of income.  


To show thanks towards our sponsors, we utilize our members, website, and our social media channels. Each sponsor, silver level and above, is printed on the back of our member t-shirts. Our members wear these t-shirts during local community service events, at conferences across the state of Wisconsin, and during numerous social outings. With over 85 members, it adds up to a lot of views! We also include our sponsors on our chapter website. Finally, we have a “Stakeholder Sunday” every Sunday where we post a picture of the partnership, a description of the business, and thank our sponsors for their support on all of our social media platforms. 


While different sponsor levels are identified below, any amount helps! Whether it’s $50 or $5, it goes directly to a student who is working on building their skills outside of their standard classes. Hamilton DECA is a non-profit student organization. Your sponsorship is tax-deductible. 


Any questions regarding sponsorship would be directed to Hamilton DECA advisor, Amanda Fields. Phone: 262-246-6471 extension 1513 or Email:

Diamond Sponsor

Gold Sponsor
$250 - $499

  • Large logo on the back of chapter t-shirt

  • Large logo on Hamilton DECA’s website 

  • Four “Stakeholder Sunday” posts per year with 2 paragraphs of promotional content

  • Medium logo on the back of chapter t-shirt

  • Medium logo on Hamilton DECA’s website 

  • Three “Stakeholder Sunday” posts per year with 1 paragraph of promotional content

Silver Sponsor
$100 - $249

  • Small logo on the back of chapter t-shirt

  • Small logo on Hamilton DECA’s website 

  • Two “Stakeholder Sunday” posts per year with 2-3 sentences of promotional content

Bronze Sponsor
$0 - $99

  • Small logo on Hamilton DECA’s website 

  • One “Stakeholder Sunday” posts per year with 1-2 sentences of promotional content

To become a sponsor, please complete the form below

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